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Jill Taylor


  • Dr. Howard Castrup says:

    My wife and I have had the good fortune to find Jill, a stand-out among a competitive field of housekeeping providers. She is skilled at her work and runs a first-rate enterprise. The following is a partial list of positive aspects of Jill’s person and character that carry over in her business:

    Jill treats your home like it was her own, eager to customize service to meet both your general needs as well as your particular requirements with respect to what you want done, how you want it done, when you want it done, which cleaning products and tools to use, and any special safety and security requirements you may have.

    In addition to exemplary work on routine tasks, Jill’s Maid Service does the tough jobs: dusting hard to reach inside ledges, cleaning windows inside and out, clearing cobwebs and other buildup on outside walls, meticulously and carefully cleaning arrays of window blinds, dusting and working around a myriad of books, and so on.

    When Jill and her staff finish the job, she is eager to conduct a walk-through, taking obvious pride in the quality and extent of the work done. Next, after our house has been left standing tall, Jill’s Maid Service is off to do the same for my Mother-in-Law’s house, meeting a different set of requirements, including special care needs, cheerfully and skillfully.

    Highly recommended. The best service — worth far more than the price.

  • Max Terronez says:

    Jill was the first person I hired after a difficult time in my life. After a divorce I was left me with few alternatives to keep up with my busy life. She was outstanding from day one and I owe her so much gratitude for allowing me to focus on my future and keep me and my home organized and clean. She was an asset to my planning and my future as my home remained presentable and clean for myself, my children, and my guests.

    I am thrilled to see Jill’s business prosper and I know Jill will treat her clients fairly as she did with me. You would be amiss if you did not hire Jill and her staff. Thank you Jill, God Bless, and the best wishes as you continue to move forward realizing your dream to serve in your community.

    Max Terronez
    Zootela Hawaii

  • Constanz Hayward says:

    I truly appreciate the sense of integrity and thoroughness and attention to detail expressed by Jill’s service. To find someone who actually enjoys her work is rare. Her service exceeds expectation!

  • Cary Blue says:

    Thank you, Jill, for cleaning my dirty house. It was so bad, and your service was very thorough. I can put my feet up after a hard day’s work in a lemon-fresh-smelling clean house. 🙂 And very reasonably priced!

  • Alexandria Gunter says:

    My mom recently contacted Jill’s Maid Service after my husband got into a serious auto accident, having a 4 month old baby girl, my husband & myself to worry about my house was definitely the last thing on my mind. When Jill & her wonderful employee showed up they were just so sweet and understanding I immediately trusted them in my house with myself and my daughter, which any parent knows it’s hard to find someone trustworthy enough to be around their kids. When they were done I was so incredibly happy with their work I couldn’t imagine having anyone else clean my house and do such an amazing job! I definitely recommend Jill’s Maid Service to any one wanting a spotless house with a smile!

  • Wayne Brown says:

    Jill is the best. She works hard and does a great job. Even the details!

  • Jane Taylor says:

    Nice work!

  • Christine says:

    Jill is efficient, reliable, trustworthy, and best of all affordable. I would definitely name her as Fresno’s Best for home and apartment cleaning- she gets the job done!

  • Matt Scott says:

    Thanks Jill for doing a wonder job on my ex-wife’s house. This woman can be very critical but even she was impressed by your quality of work. Attention to every detail. No dust was left behind. The world is a better place with Jill’s cleaning army wiping out dirt from every corner. Not only was she very professional but a pleasure to work with. Thanks for a job well. She is worthy of the highest recommendation. You will not be disappointed in hiring her at such a reasonable price.

  • Vicci says:

    Jill is the best and at a great price. My in-laws both died last year, she was very compassionate and helpful. I agree with Eric’s feedback, her prices beat the rest.

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